Is Camping Ministry Different in Slovenia?

You may be wondering if camp is different in Slovenia? The short answer is NO! I was a progam director at Camp Lutherwood for a number of years and I was excited to come here and experience camp again. Immediately, upon setting foot on this property I knew that I was home. As the week... Continue Reading →

The Cost

In this world there is a cost for everything. Whether it be money or time or relationships, your choices in what you want or need in life cost you. It costs you to forgive someone for the way they have wronged you. You have to give up the desire for revenge or the need for... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Camp

The moment you arrive there is an instant sense of newness. Fresh Air, Nature, Still water, Streams, Green trees, dampness, leaves on the ground, dishes clanking, furniture being moved around, hum of conversation, laughter, light...I am home. Jesus is here. Its always been this way for me at camp. Of course, there is underlying anticipation... Continue Reading →

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