The Awe of God

Infinite(unmeasurable), Incomprehensible, Self-existent, Self-sufficient, Eternal, Immutable-unchanging, Omnipresent -Present everywhere, Omniscient -All Knowing, Omnipotent – All powerful, Soverign – Supreme authority and power … More The Awe of God

Hello March

I was on here this morning printing off the blogs about All In ALL because I’m in the process of preparing for a women’s brunch at our church where we will explore the Attributes of God that shape our worship and should be the framework of our lives, and I noticed that its MARCH. It’s actually … More Hello March

Build My Life

I’m flying back from Dallas, Texas this morning, after enjoying a 2 day bible conference called Proclaim Truth. We woke up at 5:00am Texas time (3:00am Oregon time) and I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep much last night. I heard people running up and down the hallway, slamming doors and yelling around 3 am Texas … More Build My Life