Eternal Elipse

This was written in honor of my maternal grandmothers wedding band…


It is odd, I know

But although we’ve never met

I love her and cherish her

Holding her dear and close to my heart


At times I gaze intently at the silver band

Encircling my finger

It holds an irrevocable past

Completely unknown to me and

Yet mysteriously an undeniable reality


Grandpa married this beautiful woman

She was fulfilled by their intense love

Still finding a place in her heart

To give pure, unconditional love to others


This symbol of unity that bound these two

Illuminates my life, as though, I too am connected

To the unbreakable bond


At each glimpse the shine of encouragement

And steadfast love radiates from the

Continuous circle surrounding my finger


Her life ended before mine began

But I care for her and remember

Her just the same

The glimmer of love is forever

Present in this ETERNAL ELIPSE

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  1. Thank you, my dear, for finding this poem after so many years. It’s as beautiful a tribute to your grandma now as it was when you first wrote it. I’m happy for the replacement copy. Love you always and forever.

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