I ate the doily…


Yes it is true, it is my birthday today and last night my best friend bought me a cute little individual cake from Cold Stone Creamery….carmel nut nirvana….yum.

Unfortunately due to my increasing age and perhaps failing eyesight, I ate the doily that the beautiful chocolate covered cake was sitting on.  You can clearly see the hole.

The upside?  I only ate a little less than half of the cake, which means I have grown in wisdom!

Here’s to 37 and the joy that comes with knowing Jesus this long!


I love presents.  They are so fun to get.  All wrapped up in pretty paper, a nice little bow and a surprise inside.  I don’t really even care what is inside the pretty present, it could be a note or a million bucks…it doesn’t matter.  A present says, I was thinking about you, you are special to me, I want to honor you.  It is always a happy thing.  No one ever gives a gift or a present that is icky…or atleast they shouldn’t.  I guess I remember those gifts my parents would receive growing up that would always end up in the bathroom or the closet.  Ya know the, ‘this is so ugly what do we do with it present.’  But even then the present itself was full of excitement, it meant something, it brought joy. 

God has so many gifts for you, it is crazy.  I could spend a lifetime writing about the gifts he has for you.  Blessings, Spiritual Gifts, etc.  But I just read about one that I was so excited about!  It will be a gift to the Church in Thyatira.  I have no idea where that church is, or really much about the symbolism in the book of Revelation but I am going to ask God if He’d give me this gift.

Revelation 2:17b I will also give him(he who overcomes) a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.

I don’t know what the white stones are or what the names will be but one commentary I read says they could be symbols of the believer’s eternal nourishment or eternal life.  The stones are significant because each will bear the new name of every person who truly believes in Christ.  The name will represent his or her character.  God will give a new name and a new heart!

Isn’t that cool?!  A new name on a white stone!  What do you think your name would be?  Or what would you want your name to be? 

God, I pray you would bestow on me a new name and create in me a new heart, one that is pleasing to you and a name that says who I am to be! 


2nd Grade Warrior

My little one, who is entering 2nd grade is a warrior.  God has great things planned for this young lady of purpose. She has grasped onto some concepts that many of us struggle with today.  Determination, perseverance, battle to the end. 

Lately, I’ve realized she is only sleeping with her comforter and her ‘blanky’ (don’t tell the other 2nd graders she has a blanky, I don’t think she’d care but ya know we don’t need any harassing:)).  The sheet is shoved to the bottom of her bed.  So the other night, I threw back the comforter and pulled up the sheet.  She proceeds to use her feet to battle my advances saying “no!!! that is my emeny(note spelling is just as she said it)”  I said “what? your enemy?” “Yes, she says, I fight it all night long”

Next morning…”Abby, how was the battle with the emeny blanket?” “Oh, it was fine, it retreated”

Her perseverance in fighting the good fight, paid off….the blanket retreated, she had a nice restful sleep and felt like like a conqueror.  Taking her advice, I will not give up so easily.  I’ll fight my battles day after day, not stopping until the enemy retreats and not at all surprised when he does.  After all, we have ALL authority over our EMENY.  We can kick him down everyday until finally he stays at our feet and we find rest!

PS…last night she says “I was doing battle again…the spider is dead!”