Sharing “The Field Experience”

I check out others blogs often.  Many of them are so much more interesting than mine.  I just finished reading a post by Brent Earwicker, missionary in  Uganda.  He is a member of our church and as I follow his mission from a distance, I can't help being changed by his experience.  God is stirring... Continue Reading →

Lessons from my Spiritual Champions

"I didn't score a goal but at least I didn't get hit in the face" That's a good game to a 2nd grader...'at least I didn't get hit in the face.'  But really when you think of it isn't that a good day for all of us.  I mean really...each day you may not score... Continue Reading →

Make a difference

I'll tell you more about this in a couple weeks after I meet with the executive director.  But, You should check it out now!  Click on AMANI above and see what's in the making. Can you imagine? Helping an orphan girl realize a dream that she thinks would NEVER EVER come to pass!  God can... Continue Reading →

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