Leviticus 5:4 Or suppose you make a foolish vow of any kind, wether its purpose is for good or for bad.  When you realize its foolishness, you must admit your guilt.

Dear Bo and family,

I am very sorry for supporting the nutmeg spice.  As I was commenting on your blog over the last week about my affection for nutmeg, I was asked by a dear friend.  What does nutmeg even task like and as I paused I realized my foolishness.  I had no idea.

So to the spice rack I went…4 minutes later, I found Nutmeg.  Cute little spice bottle, clearly not used often(but what spices in my cabinet are used often?).  MMM…surely the nutmeg spice must be fantastic and Bo is just giving it a bad rap…SNIFFF>>>>>OH NO!!!!  Nutmeg is horrible…it smells just like egg nog and I can’t stand egg nog!!! 

foolish, foolish, foolish girl…

So, please dear friend, please accept this as my apology for speaking out of ignorance.  Proverbs 18:13 says, spouting off before listening to the facts is both shameful and foolish.  I have learned my lesson, no more spouting for me.  I will always smell before commenting again:)

Seeking Wisdom,


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  1. Nutmeg is the Antispice! Hee. Laughing at myself and my mini-revolution. Thanks for your support, ladies….first blogdom, then the world.

  2. Well Tracy and Bo,
    I too have to confess! All this talk between the two of you regarding nutmeg…I didn’t get it. I only use nutmeg when making pumpkin pies, and since I only make them once or twice a year that was the end of it. However, I read this blog and decided that I needed to, no must, get up and go find my little jar of nutmeg and find out what all the fuss was about. Needless to say…ewwwwww! I love pumpkin pie but now I think I know what give it a sort of different taste. This year I am going to make my pies without and see if I like them better. The smell is very medicinal to me and who likes that? So cross nutmeg off the list at the Rice household as well. Bo…I think you might have started a nutmeg revolution!

  3. Yep! Smelling is believing! (Shoot – I was going to tell you something else while I’m here, but I forgot what it was. Argh. Hate when that happens. I’ll email you. ) – Bo

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