Hey Friends,

It’s November.  Here is what happens in November for me:

~I anticipate the first snow:)  Actually, it has usually come by now, but I’m anticipating it none-the-less.

~Elections…I’ve already voted, I am not giving up until the last vote is counted.  I trust my God with either candidate and know that HE alone will take care of me!  I would, however, enjoy spending the next 4 years watching Governor Palin rock it!

~Our family usually takes a little vacation during this time.  With my husband being a concrete man, November is usually a safe time to be away from work.  So we are headed to a sunny place next week for 7 days:)

~We have Cleansing Stream retreat.  Marc and I have been leading this ministry at our church for a while now and always love the retreat time!  God is so Faithful!

~Kids get days off school, this is really not my favorite part of November.  But it is what it is….days off of school seem to breed boredom and attitudes.  So if you have any suggestions, I’d welcome them!

~Thanksgiving.  The whole month is a time to focus on being thankful.  I love Thanksgiving.  Last year we were in Hawaii and I loved it even more.  Turkey, dad’s dip, rolls, football, sweaters, games!  It’s all just wonderful.

~Mom’s Birthday!  I love, love, love my mom!  She is amazing.  Her birthday lands ON Thanksgiving this year!!!  It will be a great celebration.  (I pray she still cooks though, cause I’ll admit, I’ve never made a turkey before, and I prefer to play the ignorant role of not knowing how to cook around the holidays:))

Finally, in November, I read.  Truth be told, I’m constantly reading, but November/December/January are exceptional months to read because you can have hot coffee, a fire, a blankie and watch the snow fall and wind blow!  Truly divine!  I’ll share my reading list with you tomorrow! 

Loving November,


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  1. I love November too for all the reasons you mentioned above as well as the fact that I love to burn candles and there is something wonderful about candles when it’s cold outside and it’s warm and cozy inside. It’s just not the same in the warmer months. Hope you are enjoying your adult time without the kids, and remember to mention to your mom that if she ever feels the need to adopt a couple more I have the perfect group she would need! Love you guys-

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