Why I’m Ready for The New Year!

Lets face it 2008 is on its way out and for one, I’m ready.  So I thought I’d share with you 5 reasons why I’m ready for 2009.

1. It’s new:)  I know, duh.  but really what better way to get a FRESH start than with something NEW!!  I love a new outfit, a new lip gloss, a new pedicure, seeing a child learn something new, a new baby, new paint on the wall, new puppies, new coffee drinks, new friends…God makes all things new and a NEW YEAR will make all things new!  Yes it will be the old year come Friday but for Thursday, Glorious Thursday it will be new! 1-1-09!  I love one’s and three’s but Thursday is all about the 1! 

2.  It’s an odd year 2009.  I like odd years better than even ones.  I was born in an odd year, I had my daughter in an odd year, I loved being 21 and 23;)(shout out to my friend turning 23 in an odd year!!)  This blog is turning out to be odd, in and of itself.

3.  I’m done with 08…it started off fine with my husband baptizing myself and my son in the tank.  That was wonderful, but ya know it slowly took a down turn.  It hasn’t all been bad but it has been a year of challenges…I wrote about many of those in my last blog.  But seriously add the economy, the elections, the rain(just recently rain here everyday, I think I have a fungus from the dampness) and all you have is a messed up year.  Don’t get me wrong..God was there, I saw Him in everything, doing lots, but it was more of a desert  year than a milk and honey year.  I’m headed to the promised land in 2009!

4.  Hope…2009 is the year of Hope at our church and I like hope more than breakthrough.  Hope is a great word, its a great feeling and it is all wrapped up in anticipation.  Hope.

5. The Glory List.  I’ve decided to start the glory list!  I have a journal, brand new, never been written in…it is beautiful and it will be the GLORY journal.  In this journal will be 365 spaces to write one word or one sentences of God’s Glory for the day.  I told you God was gonna talk to me about GLORY and so I think I should document what I see.  I mean if the God of all creation is gonna teach you a word lesson and take you on a tour to see the manifestation of His word, someone better write it down.

That’s all…5 reasons why I’m ready for 2009!  I’m mostly anticipating the Glory list, as I’m sure you are as well, cause it is fuel for future blogs, but mostely because somehow I think it will bring about HOPE for the hopeless and lead eyes to the ONE of all Glory!

Goodbye 2008, I’m kickin’ you out early…..your time is almost up…I’ll give you 2 days to bring Glory, oh year of 2008, and I’ll even write about it if you do but if not, I’ll usher you out with a smile:)  And welcome HOPE, 2009!

Waiting to see what happens,



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