Being Bucked Off


This is me….being bucked off the horse ride of life.  Multiple times in the last 2 weeks I’ve been tossed.  Have you ever felt this way?  Like you get on the thing, riding it just like you always do, and out of no where…BAM you’re on the ground!  Face first, wondering, where in the world, where in THE WORLD did that come from? 

I’ll spare you the details because I really don’t think they matter much to anyone but me.  It really is the ho-hums of an individuals life that belong to the individual.  You may be able to empathize but you really don’t need to care about the details because they aren’t your details, they are mine. So, instead of pulling you down to the ground with me, to see what life looks like after being bucked off my horse, think about what life looks like and feels like when you are bucked off your own. 

OUCH, I know, it really isn’t fun.  Most often it is painful, more often then most often, it comes out of no where and catches you off guard.  If we could control the bucking we would but we have no control over this thing called ‘life comin’ at ya’, nor do we have control over the people in that life that assist in the ‘life bucking’!

So, what is a daughter of the Most High King to do?  2 choices. 

#1 Lay down, don’t move, forget the darn horse and by all means don’t get back on. 


#2  Get up, allow the great physician to bandage your wounds, take a deep breath, take another deeper breath, grab the reigns and get back on. 

I’ve tried #1 and there is not Glory there.  So, I currently default to #2.  Now I warn you, this #2 business can tire you out.  Especially when there are multiple bucks during the week or even the DAY!   BUT!!!!   I love but’s (especially when I’m the one saying it and not my child)   BUT, it is worth getting back onto this horse I call Life.  Especially if I’m riding with my Prince! 

Back on the Horse,

Jesus and Tracy

ps….sometime you do get kicked while your down, don’t let that worry you, it happens.  It may be discouraging but don’t let it stop you.  Prince All-in-All is waiting to help you up!

The Fence

“Either you pursue the things of God or you pursue the things of the flesh.  There is no fence and if there is Satan owns it!”  ~Frances Chan

Ok…I’ll give you a moment to recover.

I know!  I about lost it right there.  Cause who doesn’t have a fence?  You may not always be sitting on it or always frequenting the fence.  But you have one and you know it.  The truth is Satan owns the fence and by sitting on it or entertaining around it or visiting it, you are partnering with the forces of darkness.

Where is that hidden, unseen sin?  What is the one, or two, or more, thing that you make excuses for and say “that’s not really that bad”, but there is no way in Heck you’d do in the presence of Jesus?  That’s right, think about it…today if Jesus hung out with you for every second of every hour of your whole day, what would you NOT have done?  What would you NOT have said?  What would you NOT have believed or thought or… or… or…   Now on the other hand, what would you have done differently?  Would you have turned around and brought lunch to the guy on the corner?  Would you have done more for your husband or your kids or the bank teller?  Would you have smiled more?  Handled pressures of this world better?

Pretty sure I would.  I’m not preaching to you.  This is so not about you, although I’m sure it applies.  I’m not pointing fingers or pointing out anything in your life.  I’m just sharing with you that the little statement above, and the ‘processing’ that came after, rocked my world today.  I for sure won’t be the same and I for sure will be doing some demolition on those fences.

**GASP!!!*** Tracy has fences?  What?  How can that be, the ‘Glory Girl’, the ‘Seek the Kingdom of God First” wife, the warrior woman….Yep fences!  Sat on one or two today, I think I may have started to construct a new one and I definitely painted an old one. 

I’m just one of the Believers, that believes and hopes and prays and finds God’s glory in this world, whose self-righteousness gets her no-where!   Self-Righteousness or trying to do this Christian thing apart from Jesus will fail you every time.  But I have a secret.  It’s the righteousness of Christ that you count on, not your own!  OH and also, if you’re a believer, Jesus already spends the whole day with you.  So, whatever fence you hang out at, thinking your pulling one over on Jesus….He Knows.

I Know, Huh?!?, tough to swallow, trust me I know!

17 days of Glory!!

A lot of life happens in 17 days!  Life seems to move a lot slower when you look at it one day at a time.  I’ve been diligently keeping the Glory List for 2009.  Writing down daily where I see evidence of the Glory of God.  Evidence of his abundance, wealth, treasure, honor, dignity, splendor, brightness and majesty.  GLORY!

Each day lends us a new opportunity to see the glorious.  But it also gives us a day with new obstacles or challenges that try to sneak their way in to steal the Glory  moments.

Here are the Glory Moments:

0.  Giving 100% title to God ~ Abandoned

  1. Revelation from God
  2. Choices, free will, responsibility to choose to be surrendered
  3. God is in Control, 3a. Friends, 3b. haircuts, 3c. massages, 3d. Church
  4. Birthdays ~ Glorious life
  5. Hope
  6. Skiing with your best friend
  7. Holy Spirit
  8. Love of a husband
  9. Attorneys that are available
  10.   A husband that desires his wife
  11.   Information Technology computer people that help
  12.   Peace in storms
  13.   Womens Bible Study ~ 45 glorious women
  14.   Opportunities to trust God
  15.   Daily Manna, Gods provision just when you need it
  16.   38 year old healthy husband
  17.   White trees in freezing fog

The challenges that try to steal these glorious moments:  Lack of sleep, struggling friends, stressed family members, mistakes at the bank, non-existent cash flow, no money for payroll, debt, cold weather, rain while skiing, warm weather in January, pre-teen attitudes, DVD’s that stop working 1/2 way through, flat tires, lazy butt, computer glitches, people not working on  your time line

…must I continue or do you get the point that for every moment of Glory there is a huge boulder ready to crash down and squish it!

Being conscious of Glory Moments has brought much hope amidst the storms.  Being aware that Glory is all around leads me to search for it when times are tough and not give up until I find it for the day.  I can’t rest my head on my pillow at night with out demanding a moment of Glory.  God is faithful to provide, the question is are you faithful to seek!