I was baptized in the Catholic church as an infant

I was confirmed in my “faith” in the Lutheran church in Middle School

I was a fairly good kid in High School…but I spent some time in the gutter

College was interesting, I remember some of it

I served for 6 summers at an outdoor ministry and found Jesus as my personal savior at the age of 20

I got married to a man who believed in Jesus

I continued attending the Lutheran Church on Sundays (while secretly attending the midweek service at a local Foursquare church)

When I moved to Bend we made Westside Church our home. 

I found out what life with the Holy Spirit in the very center of my being is all about

I exercised “tough love” 4 years ago, which led to some challenges

4 years ago, I learned what FAITH was all about, I’ll never go back

I’ve been mostly coasting the last 3 years, serving and ministering where called

Just in the last 2 weeks I outgrew my comfort shell and was forced to move out

I’m now running naked, like a hermit crab, in search of the new shell.

Good news is I can’t fit back in the old shell, bad news is I’m butt naked

This is a vulnerable time