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Seriously…hasn’t it been long enough?  It’s almost time.  I’m almost released to write again.  I can feel it stirring…..


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3 thoughts on “ALMOST TIME

  1. shandra on said:

    Hello My Dear Lovely, Strong, COURAGEOUS Tracy. Your obedience and vulnerability are so awesome to witness. You are such a GOD’s Girl. We can not wait to see what will come out of this “silent” season! Waiting for the stirrings…until then…See you Tuesday night girlfriend!

  2. Natalie on said:

    YES its been long enuf!!! i wanna read another blog! Hurry up God. . . . . please!

  3. Holly on said:

    Too Funny!!! 🙂
    As I was blog skimming, I flipped on/off yours and noticed time, clock.. Oh?! Wait! GO BACK! And there you were peeking from behind the clock. LOL!
    Here’s hoping that it’s soon time 😉

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