Live to worship you God

OK, friends, here is something to bring you up to speed.  I realize it is a 7 minute video but I think it is worth it.  It was brought to me last night at the Kurios service at church.  Totally rocked my world.  AS you listen to the song you can see the conversation I had with myself down below.  I’m not really sure what the outcome of this time of silence will be but I can tell you that this song has a lot to do with it!

Can I say my life is really lived to worship you, God?  Tell me…what matters with my marriage, with business, of possessions?  What matters more, really, than just living, breathing worshiping you?  Every moment, with every action , every breath, all that I am?  Really?  What matters?  What can compare?  If I’m really gonna do this Christian thing, this little Christ, this disciple, this sold-out Jesus thing, then don’t I have to be living to worship you?  FOREVER!  Can I really Live a life that says “Here I am worshiping you?”  You – GOD- that is all that matters. I say right now that nothing compares, nothing….I’m gonna worship you forever, I’m gonna worship you.  I’m gonna worship you forever, I’m gonna worship you.

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  1. Interesting that I find myself leaving a comment because I really can’t follow that song with human words…

    Thank you Tracy for sharing a song that touches the depth of my soul and leaves me wanting to reach within to give more, more and still more to God.

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