Fire from Heaven and Abby’s Baptism

Two totally unrelated but related things! Last night at church we sang a song that almost knocked me over.  I’ll admit, during my worship time there are moments, days, months, or whatever..that I don’t necessarily ENGAGE in the worship completely.  BUT, Last night was a night that I began to engage my soul and I... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Diversity: The People of Holden Village

oooo….gotcha with the title didn’t I!  I know you were thinking, Tracy went liberal on us!  I guess I kinda did in ways that I can’t really explain.  They are good and you’ll just have to trust me on that…. Holden Village was a place that God arranged for me to just BE.  It is... Continue Reading →

You can call me Francis

My grandmother’s name was Francis, I never met her, but I know her.  Somehow we are soul mates, bound together for the same calling.  Two of  my favorite authors are Francis Frangipane and Francis Chan. Who was St. Francis? Interestingly enough, the village I went to, had a library with multiple books on St. Francis. ... Continue Reading →

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