Holden Village

This morning, I am on the road to Holden Village. 

In 7 hours I will arrive here:


This is not Holden Village.  This is Campbell’s Lake Chelan Waterfront Resort, in Chelan, Washington.  I have an appointment here at the spa this afternoon.  I like to believe that God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested at the spa he created.  There is just nothing better than a fluffy white bathrobe, a nice massage, peaceful music and a lounge chair.  Top it off with a beautiful view of this, and it is well with my soul.

Lady of the Lake on Chelan.

I will meet my friend there.  She is really much more than a friend.  She started out as my boss 17 years ago, at my counseling job/Program director job with Camp Lutherwood outdoor ministries.  She then became my long standing mentor, confidant, mother, sister, friend.  She is a voice of reason for me at times and a woman I can laugh with till we cry.  We have so many memories.  I’ll share more with you someday, but for now suffice to say, WE have walked through some big things together and I know this trip was planned for us at the beginning of time for ‘such a time as this’.  Andrea is an ‘Esther’ at heart.  She is a woman of great courage and fear does not hold her back from any challenge.  She has taught me a lot and I respect her and love her!  This is my friend:  Doesn’t she look like fun?!

image image

After an evening of rest (yeah right), we will board this on Lake Chelan:


“accommodating up to 285 passengers. She has a spacious deck for outdoor viewing, and transports you in style. Along the way, the Captains give light narration on the folklore and points of interest. This leisurely excursion is just the right way to spend a relaxing day.”

They are not kidding about the leisurely part….2 hours later we will arrive here: (Dramamine and I will be close friends)

boat at field's point by Holden Village.

At which point we will jump on the oldest school bus you can imagine and take an 11 mile ride up a mountain with multiple switch-backs, on a NARROW gravel road, for 11 miles!  *Reminder to self, be sure to take that one medication that will help you endure this horrific experience*  Yes, I have been here before.  One time and I am not kidding when I say I would rather hang out with the humungous spiders in Africa, than ride the broken down bus up that mountain for 11 miles.  It is really a knee knocker for me, but have no fear, our medical community has created wonderful solutions for situations like this, that will hopefully keep me from needing medical attention or a mental institution once I arrive here:










At Holden, communication with the outside world is limited. We have no phones or television, no cell phone reception, and limited radio. There are no roads connecting to Holden. Guests arrive and depart daily. Holden Village was an old mining town and is now a center for renewal, a Lutheran ministry welcoming all people into the wilderness to be called, equipped and sent by God. I will be here for 5 nights.  I can choose to participate in bible studies, discussion groups, crafts(not likely), hiking miles and miles of trails, daily worship, and much more.  Or I can sit and listen and hear from God. 

My first goal is to get quiet enough to listen.  My second goal is to be renewed and rejuvenated.  My third goal is to begin ‘The book’ God has gently been sewing into my heart.  (More on that later)

I know you all are very worried about my latte’ addiction but I am pleased to inform you that they do have an espresso machine!  I will be just fine.

I’m really really really really really really really really really excited!  I look forward to sharing with you the many adventures and hopefully pictures(I’m horrible with remembering to take pictures).  I will keep you in mind though and do my best to document my time with God at Holden Village.

Until Next week,


PS…did I mention all the food is organic and made from scratch?!  Fresh bread and espresso everyday! GOD BLESS HOLDEN VILLAGE!  oh, and and ice cream shop, and a book store(I love books), and a bowling alley.  A bowling alley, of all things….amazing!

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  1. LIKE!!! How can I not? when described with a “really x9 excited”!
    Thumbs up… All that 🙂 Blessings to you- Have a GRAND time!

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