Journal entry 7/11

When I left town, it began to loosen its grip on me.  I really don’t know what it was except that I didn’t like the feeling and I wanted it gone.  45 miles away I could still feel its nagging pull.  7 hours to Chelan, WA seemed to fly by.  I worshipped and drove with nothing on my thoughts, a blankness, a numbness.  Nothing.

Chelan, beautiful and HOT!  2 hour stroll around the town, wandering in and out of shops, around people, staring, not shopping, decompressing.  Almost released.  A massage, a long talk with a good friend, sleep.  Honestly, the best sleep in some time.  I was being released.

Up early today, on my way to the boat dock, a short prayer and a re-assurance.  I am going to the right place, at the right time, with the right people. (coincidently, I purchased “Right people, right place, right plan: discerning the voice of God” by Jentezen Franklin, while on my retreat) 

God whispered that I had been found and I didn’t need to DO anything to seek him during this time, He had already found me.

Journal Entry 7/12

Called to: Bare myself and hide nothing, ask nothing.

**darn, I had a list of questions to ask and things to seek.

How good it feels to forget the world and all concerns that are not heavenly.  Keep still and let God fill my being.  The time has come not to ask or do, but just be. My time has come to BE.

“I am  your abiding place O God.  Patience and trust are highly rewarded.  I know that in time you will restore all things and that my time is upon us.  You have called me to this place to “BE”  But soon you will call me forth to GO.  I will be loosed and you will go before me and prepare the way.  Praise you my God.”

I have much more to share with you my friends. But for now I will leave you to ponder how my trip began. 

Higher hope, hope that can’t be destroyed by what happens on earth. Circumstances of life will challenge it, voices will deny it, but its walls can’t be breached unless we open the Gate. I was imparted a HIGHER HOPE than  ever before and given an opportunity to BE.

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  1. Fun to read the beginning of your trip. Now you must catch everyone up with all that was revealed to you….especially on the porch swing with Creation Man, screaming baby, “Ray”, and Grizwold! What a fun trip….I could leave tomorrow and do it all over again. I miss you and I miss our happy hour of just sitting. We could sit there for quite a while…why is it I can’t sit at home for more than 5 minutes? I think my house is not resful to me, there is always work to be done. UGH! Thank you for going with me to Holden. I will cherish the time in my heart forever!

    love you,

    1. AHH….revealing the people. I’m actually writing about this now:) HA…check it out on Tuesday morning.
      I absolutely adored our time, it will happen again, and I can’t wait!
      Thank you for sharing it with me:) Love you!

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