My new best friend

Every so often I like to switch it up with the Word of God!  I like to get a new version or a new cover or one with different commentary.  Today I got this: It actually looks like this: I know, no sparkles or color, just plain black.  But the moment you open it, LIFE... Continue Reading →

Reasons why I love tomorrow!

ROUTINE< ROUTINE< ROUTINE< That’s basically it. I love that with the first day of school comes routine:)  It starts tonight.  We’ll have a really healthy meal (cause I like to make sure my kids have at least one healthy meal a week!), we’ll talk about what we are packing in our sack lunches tomorrow, what... Continue Reading →

The Bridge

Life brings with it many choices, turns, changes, challenges… She said to me, “You are crossing a bridge but you are afraid that what you are leaving behind will follow you.  God says do  not fear, I have cleared the way and I will be your rear guard.  You do not need to fear that... Continue Reading →

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