My new best friend

Every so often I like to switch it up with the Word of God!  I like to get a new version or a new cover or one with different commentary.  Today I got this:


It actually looks like this:

black bible

I know, no sparkles or color, just plain black.  But the moment you open it, LIFE springs forth!!  It has only been my best friend for 4 hours but I’ve spent 1hour and 20 minutes pouring over it and the rest of the 4 hours holding it close to me!  It was love at first sight! 

When I really want to dig into scripture I  have my best friend: The Word Of God, a concordance, a Greek/Hebrew dictionary, and a commentary or 2 or 3.  Then I just tear it up….digging and flipping pages, following rabbit trails that lead me to treasures that no eye has seen!  I love it.  But it is so cumbersome to lug these tools with me to Starbucks, or Thump, or even to my prayer room.  Honestly, this dilemma of so many amazing bible help sources has kept me, dare I say it, from taking adequate time to study.  Yes its true, I am an all or nothing kinda gal at times, I don’t like loose end and, ‘perseverance’ and I haven’t gotten along without struggle over the years.  So, when it comes to really getting into the word, if I don’t have time and resources to go deep, often times I’ll just let it go by the side.

So… can imagine my amazement and complete utter joy and satisfaction when I found this amazing reference filled Bible.  Each scripture has KEY WORDS highlighted and coded with the strong’s reference number.  Then in the back is conveniently located a dictionary and concordance!!! 

Lordy BE!!  I think I have found the joy of 2009!

Reasons why I love tomorrow!


That’s basically it.

I love that with the first day of school comes routine:)  It starts tonight.  We’ll have a really healthy meal (cause I like to make sure my kids have at least one healthy meal a week!), we’ll talk about what we are packing in our sack lunches tomorrow, what uniform pairing we’ll pick for the first day of school, we’ll talk about friends we can’t wait to see and how we hope there is no homework for the first week of school.  The kids will go to bed early….actually, not really, I don’t change their sleep pattern just because it is summer.  We basically stay the same sleep wise unless there is a ‘special occasion’ like camping or a sleepover.  Otherwise, kids always go to bed ‘early’ or on time.  But I’ll even go to bed early. Ok, I go to bed early all year round compared to most of you.  So let’s skip the sleep conversation, it will probably not change.  BUT it will seem like it’s changed because after the kids go to bed, I’ll light candles, I’ll spend some time praying for them and their first day of school.  I’ll be sure all the necessities are in place for a great first morning!!

We will arise EARLY and prepare for the first day.  Worship music will be playing in the background, no tv to distract us, kids will look cute in their newly pressed uniforms, their hair will be clean and brushed(unlike most summer days), teeth will be shiny clean and they will make their own lunches, with mom giving the final ‘thumbs up’ on lunch choices!  Then off to school we go  20 minutes there, walk into new classes, get settled in new desks, give hugs(unless the 5th grader decides this is the year no hug from mom) and off I go……….Kids learn, I work!

6 hours later I prepare for their return.  They come home, we do homework.  They play, we eat dinner, they go to bed.  And it starts over again!  I love it!

AND….I got a new journal.  Being a mom with kids in school, my year goes from September to September.  Not January to January.  So my year begins tomorrow. New journal, new bible translation, new underwear(seriously), new new new. I’m ready for new and routine and new!

The Bridge

Life brings with it many choices, turns, changes, challenges…

She said to me, “You are crossing a bridge but you are afraid that what you are leaving behind will follow you.  God says do  not fear, I have cleared the way and I will be your rear guard.  You do not need to fear that what you are leaving behind will follow you.

It is true, I’m on the bridge walking across it but as I look back I see things that I don’t want to follow me.  Things I want to leave behind forever, things that I know God would not have for me.  As a matter of fact, I believe God has walked before me on this very bridge and has prepared for me great things on the other side.  I believe goodness and mercy will follow me and I will forever dwell in the house of my Great King.(I stole that last sentence from a song).

I see glimmers of what is on the other side and the excitement of getting there is more powerful than the fear that holds me back. 

I pray as the winds of fall breeze through and change the season, that the wind of the Holy Spirit will continue to guide me, to direct me, to beckon me and to blow away all fear.