Change in mindset

I think I need a change of mindset.  I’ve been seeking vision and revelation with the wrong focus.  We can’t get the fullness of God without the fullness of the Holy Spirit and we can’t get the fullness of the Holy Spirit without having a Kingdom mindset. What if we lived our lives with Jesus... Continue Reading →

Simple Prayer Furnace

Furnace: An intensely HOT place Prayer: A reverent petition made to God Simple: not complicated, easy So what’s a simple prayer furnace?  Its a place where two or more are gathered offering non complicated petitions to God, the Holy Spirit brings the Heat! A group of us in Bend, Oregon are going to begin a... Continue Reading →

Sacred Charge

11/11 IHOPU(International House of Prayer University) in Kansas City, the Holy Spirit moved in the midst of the students with physical healings, deliverance and the spirit of joy. The class continued for over 15 hours.  The awakening continues, you can watch it on  live stream at WWW.IHOP.ORG.  Over the past year, the Lord has brought... Continue Reading →

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