Simple Prayer Furnace

Furnace: An intensely HOT place

Prayer: A reverent petition made to God

Simple: not complicated, easy

So what’s a simple prayer furnace?  Its a place where two or more are gathered offering non complicated petitions to God, the Holy Spirit brings the Heat!

A group of us in Bend, Oregon are going to begin a simple time of prayer on a regular basis.  We will be using the up/out/in model of prayer and worship. 

Its kinda cool actually. 

You start with worship, lead into prayer UP-that is focused on adoration of God, speaking forth the knowledge of who God is. 

Then more worship, followed by prayer OUT-Outward prayer of intercession for others, cities, nations, etc.

More worship…IN-inward prayer for individual needs and for strength in our Christian walk.

More worship….Soaking in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Wanna Join? All are welcome….let me know.


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  1. Ok ladies…Nations….interestingly enough, that is totally part of it! Kenda let’s connect. Bre and I are meeting today and will definately talk about this. we have an outline, vision and guidelines for this time! Nations are totally apart of it. Not to mention, I WANT TO GO TO THE NATIONS!

  2. Tracy,

    I like the model for prayer and it sounds great to me. Hey this morning as I was waking up I saw in my dream a calendar and on it said “nations” clearly out of anything else i saw on that calendar. interesting! then I woke up.


    1. Shandra…let me know of 2 hour blocks of time you’d be available for prayer furnace time. We’re collaborating right now and trying to match up schedules:) Email me!

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