Change in mindset

I think I need a change of mindset.  I’ve been seeking vision and revelation with the wrong focus.  We can’t get the fullness of God without the fullness of the Holy Spirit and we can’t get the fullness of the Holy Spirit without having a Kingdom mindset.

What if we lived our lives with Jesus as our primary reward?  What if we received our identity based on Jesus not on what we did for him or how we lived for him, but just on Jesus alone?  What if we lived fascinated by the revelation of His beauty, of His majesty?  What would happen to our circumstances or to our greatest desires?

“He delivered me because He delighted in me” Psalm 18:19

Because Jesus DELIGHTED in me HE delivered me.

I’ve changed my mindset.  Not what areas of my life can Jesus deliver me but a complete focus on the whole reason HE delivered me. He delivered me and He delivered you because He delighted in us!  Knowing that the King of Kings loves me makes all other things insignificant.  There needs to be a change of focus from what needs to be fixed or made new, to a complete satisfaction in knowing ‘Jesus Loves Me’.

We sing that song, over and over, growing up and here it turns out to be the only Truth we really need to plant in the core of our being.  Jesus loves me this I know. The primary dream of our heart must be related to our relationship with Jesus not the measure of blessing on our circumstances.

My life’s goal is now not what I can do for Jesus, what can my ministry be, but my life’s goal is to grow in the revelation of the Secret’s of Jesus Heart!  To understand  more and more how much he really love’s me.  To grasp the depth of “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine” Song 6:3

Lord, release the revelation of your Love into my heart. Let it be my only desire to know you!

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