How smart cars make you stupider…or more stupid, or maybe just spoiled

Do you have a SMART car?  Have you driven a car with sensors that tell you when you are getting close to places your car could damage…like when parallel parking or backing up?  As your vehicle approaches the object you hear a beeping that gets closer and closer together, as you get closer to the object the car doesn’t want you to hit! Or better yet, some cars now have these great little camera’s that show you a real-time video of the objects behind your car!  Or maybe you have the kind of technologically advanced car that can start without a key in the ignition, you just push a button to start it as long as the key is somewhere lost in the depths of your purse Or better yet maybe your car has a button on the key thingy that will start your car for you before you even get in.  Technology just amazes me!  and how handy it can be…..


You have driven such a car for say….close to 6 or more years and then all of a sudden you don’t have a car like that anymore and instead you are driving a really great, well-loved, antique(2000) jeep without such technological advances.  And perhaps you come to realize the driving of the smart car for so many years has made you a stupid, “non functioning well in some areas” driver. 

For example, not using any names as to not slander a persons reputation, perhaps a person got used to not having to have her key to start her smart car in the past, and now needs the actual key to start the well-loved jeep, and maybe she has lost the key a number of times and has caused multiple delays for her family. Or just perhaps, God help ’em, a person would be backing up, completely dependant on the beeping sound, totally forsaking the ‘wrench your neck around’ or ‘get out of the vehicle and do a walk around inspection before backing up’ detail.  and therefore being totally dependant on the smart car beeping amenity backs into a (we’ll say for the sake of a better illustration) parked car.  Not mentioning that the parked car probably was parked in a very unsafe place and was a very ugly purple/blue color and probably needed to be retired to a dump yard anyway….. But This is the kind of thing I’m talking about when I referred to the possibility that smart cars can make you stupider. Or really probably more importantly the smart car actually just makes you spoiled and lazy. 

That’s all I wanted to say about that, perhaps you’ll want to think twice before you become dependant on a smart car, smart phone, smart  smart whatever things… could do damage.  Just an inspired observation and an important warning!


A recovering Smart car driver

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  1. HA! you’re on fire Mama! brilliant comment…and perhaps the jeep does fit me well, but I just filled the tank on Friday and Now I’m at a quarter tank. I’ll be biking to work in the future!

  2. Maybe if you could “keep” a job you could afford to buy another “smart car” some day. LOL Actually “old” jeeps are great for “old” people. They help keep our minds sharp when we don’t have a Soduko Puzzle to work while driving. And as our extremities get weaker, some “old” jeeps can automatically accelerate for us. That is why you see so many seniors going 20 mph no matter what the speed limit. So you see, there are benefits to driving “old” jeeps for old people. How old will you be on your next birthday???? Hmmmmmm Maybe a jeep is right up your alley after all.
    Love you………

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