Come Lord Jesus

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  Today is actually not Thanksgiving and I actually haven’t written in 6 days, BLAH!  Sorry for that…sometimes life just grabs ahold of ya and takes you for a ride Today is my beautiful mothers birthday ~Happy Birthday Mom~. Its also the first day that Christmas music echoed in the … More Come Lord Jesus

Just Before Midnight

I was falling asleep, when I remembered I hadn’t posted today’s ONE. Thank goodness for the WordPress app on my blackberry:). Here I tap one letter at a time under a blanket because my family is on a little weekend get-away and I’m sharing a room with the two children and the two dogs. How … More Just Before Midnight


I’m always in charge of the pies for the holidays.  Love baking pies.  Always do a pumpkin and an apple(for my cousin Todd).  This year, I will do a pumpkin and an apple and these two wonderful new creations S’More Pie   Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie