Today is brought to you by the letters A and F

Airplanes….Thankful for them.  Today one will bring my brother home!  He’s been in Hawaii for the better part of 14 days!!!  He’s a valued co-worker and we miss him.  I also miss him as my brother cause he’s a crazy cat and he makes my world a happier place to be!   Another airplane will bring my children’s father to town for a visit this weekend.  My kids miss seeing him and so today is a good day for them.  I will also be using AIR transportation today to take me to visit a wonderful friend.  I’m thrilled to be leaving on a jet plane…..

FFamily and friends…..LOVE THEM.  My parents return today from a 2 month trip around the United States!  I miss them and we will celebrate their return with a family meal together on Monday.  My friends are precious to me.  I  have one friend who works her tail of in our community working on call, multiple days in a row.  Some days are harder then others but God has gifted her in her area of work and our community is better because of it.  Another friend is celebrating a birthday today!  Another friend is working on restoring her marriage, praise God for His faithfulness!  And as I indicated I’ll be seeing a very dear friend today.  He has become an important part of my life and to spend time with him refreshes my spirit and brings rest to my soul.  Thank God for friends and family.  Without them, where would any of us be? 

Choose your friends wisely and cherish your family dearly.


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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my friends and am glad to have you in the mix of them 🙂
    Have a terrific weekend!

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