What if Jesus had a Blackberry?

Today I’m thankful for all the little portable gadgets and social networking avenues that keep us all connected without being in the same room, city, state, or country. When my kids are away, they can call me or text me or email me. I love that. When my parents drive across the country they are really just in my blackberrry:). I’ve found long lost friends on facebook, I’ve met their kids through the internet and I get to know what they have for breakfast.

It is simply astounding really, that we can be so connected and so very disconnected at the same time. I’m not saying that these ways of communication are the best connecting points. As a matter of fact, I’m sure I could write a whole discourse on the evils of this electronic driven relating society we have found ourselves in, but today I am looking at the benefits and I am thankful. Without such things, I wouldn’t be writing this blog to you, as I type away on my little Blackberry keyboard, on my handy WordPress app:)

How do you think things would have been over 2,000 years ago if Jesus had a Blackberry? Do you think you’d follow his tweets? Would you be his facebook friend or “Like” his comments? Do you think He’d draw a bigger crowd to feed, than just 5,000?
These are the things I think about before church on a beautiful Sunday morning!

Rest well today!

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