11/11….the day!  I awoke this morning very content with life, I’ve got everything I NEED and more.  God has been faithful to bring restoration in the last year.   This ONE was written 12 months ago.  Its actually pretty good and really still carries a place in my heart but I mostly enjoyed re-reading, ONE!  That post was phenomenal and the quote by E.W. Bullinger still rocked my world today: 
Just think if we were occupied with the Lord instead of with ourselves, with the Blesser instead of with our “blessing”, we should soon have such a sense of His grace and glory and power as would convince us that His will is better than ours; and then, instead of being busy with ourselves and enquiring how we are to give up our will, we should see that His is so good that we really loathe our own, and desire only His.”
So, as I sat down to write todays, ONE thing. I  was full of anticipation.  I just knew God would reveal the BEST and ultimate ONE thing for today.  This being 11/11 and all, I couldn’t let down my most faithful followers(mom).  I began to write………………………………….nothing.  Not a word came.  Seriously, Lord, how can you and I let down the people that are anticipating the great blog of 2010?  I threw a little fit, did a little housework, grumbled to The Most High and walked away from my computer.
Now, here I am, back again.  Surely, after the bustle of the day and all the greatness that ensued, God would bring the right word, full of wisdom and knowledge and umph!   Nope, nothing.
LORD, LORD, why have you forsaken me….in all my drama I cried out and just like My One and Only, He whispers…………JESUS.
Enough said, goodnight.

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