You know you’re a single mom when…..

1.  You are in your bedroom watching a movie on your computer while your kids have taken over the rest of the house

2.  You are still tired after 10 hours of sleep

3.  You feed your kids hamburger without a bun and yogurt for dinner because you haven’t been to the grocery store in weeks

4.  Alone time means: going to the bathroom

5.  You start a load of laundry for the 4th time because you keep forgetting to put it in the dryer.

6.  You look forward to running at the gym, just so you can sit in the steam room for 10 minutes without being interrupted

7.  Skipping a shower has become commonplace

8.  Your idea of a night out is going to your kids sports practice

9.  After a long day, you tell your kids to “get out of your face”  and then realize they just came up to give you a hug.

10. You can cook dinner, help a 6th grader with math, quiz a 4th grader on spelling, paint your fingernails, feed the dogs, talk on the phone and check email all at the same time.

~Just a little peak into my world. 

Happy FridaySmile

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