Is it just me or was it COLD today?  For some reason it always takes me a day to get caught up to speed on cold weather.  I always have this one day,  that I don’t grab my jacket because it was, well…almost 60 degrees yesterday.  And then I spend the rest of the day chasing after warmth.  Burning my hind end on the heated seats in the car.  Running  in my heels (who said I didn’t have mad skills?) from my car to the building.   Sitting as close to the fire as I can without getting burned.  All the time wondering why I can’t figure out to wear my warm coat on the first super cold day of the season?!!! 

As I sat and thought about this annual issue, I can think of other things that I haven’t quit learned the LASTING lesson on.  Like the sunburn for instance.  Almost without fail, a sunburn shows up in the spring.  After that day, I never forget my sunscreen again.  This and other things you can think of could be a good reminder to us all this time of year.  Next Thursday, I was probably destined to be writing a note about how much I ate and how horrible I feel and how I’ll start the exercise program first thing Friday morning.  But NOW that I’ve had this late night revelation, perhaps I will remember this year to just eat until full and know that leftovers are always an option.  The pie doesn’t have to be devoured in one sitting and the turkey will last through the weekend!

Because of the BRRRR factor of my day, my brain is way to cold and tired to even begin to go into the spiritual implications of such a revelation.  Just think if we thought ahead on areas of our life that we consistently struggle with and were actually proactive in deciding ahead of time to be prepared. 

What victory would come from a little preparation today?


p.s. remind me to tell you the story of the picture above, its a good one:)

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