Hydrate and a butt lift

Not always am I so spiritually driven.  Sometimes, more often then I’d like to admit, I focus on things completely unspiritual and find myself obsessing over things that will pass away.  But alas, as we live on this earth these things will creep up and they need to be dealt with in healthy ways.  Therefore, I submit to you today a couple solutions that I have unashamedly found to make the outlook on this earth a little brighter.

Lately I’ve noticed 3 things….

1.  I have grey hair…it gets worse each month, but I’ve found a quick low cost solution:

nice easyhaircolor

2.  My butt fell

I noticed it this summer, it was sitting lower then usual and I realized that, as I approach 40, the years of gravity have pulled my butt down.  This is a concern of mine because if it falls anymore it will be dragging the ground and I already have enough people riding my…..well you get the idea. I’ve been in search for the perfect exercise to pick up the butt and this is what I found.  I apologize in advance for the entirely to perky chest in this video but the exercise is worth getting down and lets be honest….any  motivation we can get is welcomed! Plus I love her accent, makes me want to travel somewhere.

3.  Crows feet, sagging eyes, wrinkles….each day they seem to taunt me more and more.  I’m not sure any of the million dollar creams work and I’m 100% sure no one will ever be cutting my face and stretching it back to where it belongs.  So, I’ve decided to HYDRATE!  This is the number one reason our eyes droop and our skin shrivels up.  At minimum I intentionally drink 48 oz of water a day!  When I don’t get the water in my body, the first indication is my eyes.  I’m not sure why the eyes think they can be the first part of my body to go with out water, I’m sure the cells in my belly could go without being gorged with H2O, but the eyes always seem to take one for the team.  HYDRATE people!

So next time you see me, I hope you don’t notice my roots, that you do recognize my tush is tighter and perhaps offer me a glass of water!



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