perspective is everything

How are you looking at life? 

Do you see recession? Unemployment? Bankruptcy? Divorce? Weight issues? Depression? 

or do you see blue sky’s, sunsets, rain showers, smiles, laughing children, joy, friendship, love….

A dear friends husband was diagnosed with a life changing disease today.  Only God knows the days numbered for each of us but somehow news like this changes my perspective.  My lenses get refocused onto what is truly important, on what really matters.  I see my kids as more precious, I see my beloved as the gift that he is, I see my parents as cherished friends, I see the times of laughter and play as priceless commodities.  My perspective changes.  I’m lifted up to a different plain to see that which is true, to see that which is noble, to see right and pure and lovely, seeing all things admirable and excellent and praiseworthy.  Seeing the same old life from a different view.

I pray we remember this.  I pray this perspective sticks with me, that I don’t lose it.  Because when I do I get lost in the world and little things become big.  Insignificant things become important and life looses something of purpose.

In the words of Steve Stern…”today is the first day of the rest of our lives and I plan on living mine to the fullest according to His purpose and will. His plans have not changed for me and my plans are not changing in pursuing Him and loving Him and loving people”

Join me, let me not forget, I pray

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  1. We lost a friend our age recently. He has a son my oldest daughter’s age. I resonate with your thoughts, Tracy. I ache for that son, losing his father too soon. We have another friend recently struck and already unable to walk or talk. We need to cherish our loved ones here. We need to cherish everyone here. But what I am aching for more and more is for Him. To be coram deo. Directly in His presence in the eternal kingdom. This is not our world.

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