Not the way its supposed to be

Tonight I sit on my couch with two mini-aussies, a glass of King Estates pinot gris and a handful of dark chocolate covered Acai berries. My children are quietly tucked in their beds, in a home we've been in for 1 year, this weekend. Everything is different and nothing is as it is supposed to... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Ruth on men

Dear friend, God’s word is alive and active and it changes.  Seriously, I’ve been an avid bible reader for YEARS now and sometimes I’ll go to read a well-known story, such as found in the book of Ruth and I’ll *sigh* and think…how many times can you read this story.  Please join me in stopping... Continue Reading →

What a year brings

Last May 2010 I posted this picture: Today God has moved me to here: I haven't formed an opinion yet as to which place is better to be.... Coming up....RUTH!   Have you read it? If you have you probably have the "been there, done that" thought about the book of Ruth.  Oh my friend you need to... Continue Reading →

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