What I want to do when I grow up…

In 3 months and 20 days I’ll be turning 40. I figured I better contemplate what I want to do when I grow up because growing up is happening very fast and to have a plan is better then to fly by the seat of your pants!

When I grow up I want to:
1. Travel the world and watch people.
I’m thinking this could possibly be a paid job if I play my cards right. I’ve always been intrigued by people and how they act and how they dress and how they interact and how they do life(hence my degree in Human Development and Family Studies). Yesterday I spent about 2 1/2 hours sitting around a pool watching everyone. *don’t worry, I was wearing a big floppy sun hat and sun glasses…*
Anyhow….it was so great to see that other people have normally LOUD children. Other women have normally jiggly tummies. It was also not so great to have the 7 fowl mouth children at the pool unaccompanied by their parents and watch them bully all the little people at the pool. But it was interesting none-the less to see the grandparents of the little people scurry to the edge to gather their young for ‘snack time’.
Sitting poolside is an opportunity for great prayer ministry. Who says you have to be in a closet for prayer, I say be by the pool!

2. Use my passport
…yes I know this goes hand in hand with traveling the world and watching people. But I mean I want to use it for something fun, something great and something that makes a difference. This could be all wrapped up in one big trip or sorted into little trips of each category. My top 5 picks are: Africa, Rome, The Holy Lands, Australia, and somewhere tropical where I can stay in a cabana over the water!

3. Write a book
Have I mentioned this before? I actually have a great story line brewing for a fun fictional story. I’ve been re-writing my own life in my mind with a fictional character. Ya know, wanting to do things in real life that you know you can’t or shouldn’t but if you did, this is how it would play out, kind of things:) But I also know that God has planted a message in me that He is still tenderly growing and when its ready to be harvested you can be assured it will be to God’s glory.

4. See my kids graduate and turn into wonderful spirit filled adults
Isn’t this really every parents dream….It has become more of a focus to me lately. Being a mostly single parent and entering the teen years has made it abundantly clear that I’m running out of time. With the prospect of my oldest having to have all the skills he needs to make it on his own in 6 years is daunting. Right now its looking grim, but I’m sure all moms say that about their 12 1/2 year old boys right! I mean how will he even be mature enough to drive in a couple years…oh the joys of parenthood. All that I know is….when the day comes that I can look at my grown children and say to myself, well done Jesus, well done….that will be a good good day.

5. Study the bible and get a certificate or degree
UGH going back to school sounds horrific right now! I know, I’m the one that chose to put this on my ‘When I grow up’ list, and I really do want this. I’ve been looking into my options and am excited about the prospect. I really want to know God’s word more then what I can read and learn on my own. I’m ready to be taught and dissect it word for word, line for line. To understand the context and the lower layers of God’s word that only come from hours and days and months of digging! I’m not sure I really need to get my Master’s degree or if I would be content with just auditing classes…either way I’m looking forward to going back to school.

Ok, 5 is plenty for a soon to be oldy…..I’ll stick with these 5 and maybe add another fabulous 5 as I approach the big 5-0….until then it looks like I have plenty on my plate!

What do you want to do when you grow up? I know what I want to do now and that is go back to my prayer pool….

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  1. I’m five years ahead of you, and much of my list matches yours…except I don’t actually love traveling a whole lot. I’m doing a lot of it with Steve this year but that’s just because I like him, not because I like trains, planes or foreign coffee. The older I get, the more #4 takes up the lion’s share of my dream…maybe it’s our particular circumstances, but these days I’m almost constantly thinking about what I’m leaving behind…not in a sad way, but in an intentional one. I like the change. Here’s to your dreams becoming plans becoming reality, Tracy!

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