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Did you check out the post from yesterday?  I’d love to hear what your daily or weekly or monthly disciplines are as you seek your utmost for His Highest.

In the months to come I have some really great things on my list of must do’s in my journey toward My UTMOST.

BETH MOORE!  I will be joining the wonderful ladies of Tuesday Night Bible Study at Westside church for this study:


Starts 1/10 at 6:30, come join me or you can purchase it online by clicking the picture above, you can order the workbook and watch the video’s online.  I think the FELLOWSHIP is really important so if you don’t have that in your life find a group to hook up with! Either way let’s do the study together!  I’m sure I’ll refer to it off and on until it ends in March!

MARCH!  Did I mention I’ll be getting married in March?  I’m sure you’ll hear about that too, as a matter of fact the man that picked my family to be his own and chose me as his one and only bride is a big part of my journey to My Utmost.  He’s a disciple of Jesus Christ, spent about 8 years at the feet of Jesus and basically blows my mind with his gifts of patience and unconditional love.  I listen and learn from him daily and my kids follow his example.  I’ll tell you more about him soon.

CHURCH!  Do you go to a weekly worship service?  Where do you go? What is the best part?  Do you serve or just receive?  I’m exploring ‘church going’ vs. ‘church doing’ and finding myself being pulled like taffy by the paradox.  I’m sure we’ll talk about this more, in the meantime I have found it important to dig deeper into the messages I receive at my church and I’ve been called to do my own digging weekly.  Here is a resource that you might find helpful: NOTES, these are the message notes but if you move to page two you have some questions that take you deeper into God’s word and lead you in some daily word times, enjoy!

How’s that for the third post in 2012!

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