The Church

You are the Church, We are the Church, together the Church is.
God created the Church, The Church is built on Christ Jesus, He is the Cornerstone, the firm foundation.

I grew up in the Lutheran Church. Lutheran’s are part of The Church. The Church is people.

Going to church means forfeiting a morning to sleep in, getting up and driving to a building to gather with people and worship the One and Only living God. OR it means giving up an evening at home, KEEPING the Sunday sleep-in and going to the church building on Saturday night:) I like that option of church going the best.

I like church going….I loved the routine as a kid and the liturgy the Lutheran’s follow. I love the rich traditions of that church. I was the acolyte(candle lighter) at my church growing up, my mother was the organist and my dad handed out the bulletin and greeted people on occasion. I was also the children’s nursery helper. My ‘going to church’ was the launching pad for my ‘doing church’ lifestyle.

God created US to BE and to DO Church. To love our neighbor as our self and to do unto others as we would have done unto us.

I started DOING church by serving in my church growing up and then it translated into a JOB at an outdoor ministry, Camp Lutherwood. I learned lots about doing church there. Its still up and running and growing and breathing. The director, who was my leader and mentor and still my dear friend, is really doing some great things on that plot of land that we call Lutherwood. It molded me and taught me all about “doing church’.

As I’ve grown up into a strapping young 40 year old, God is teaching me more about DOING church and it has less to do with going to church or working at a ministry and more about allowing Christ to live in you and overflow onto the lives of others. Doing church is more then serving in the church you GO to. Its about being available and open and led by Jesus to DO Church in your every day life.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about a God-Divined meeting that was a ‘do-church’ moment last night. It just so happened to take place IN my GO TO church but it is an example that will hopefully encourage you to be more available and conscious of the moments God gives you to be an extension of him!

Until then…..Do Church. Be the Church. Be the light. Be the Love. Overflow Jesus all over others today!

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