The moment that matters

Today, we had a moment that matters. A time when you know more then something temporal happened. Something that shook the heavens and claimed territory that the enemy tried really, really hard to steal. A defining moment.

Now it’s way to late, and way to long into 2 days for me to be quoting scriptures and making some great biblical references for you… just stick with me as I share a moment of life that was a pinnacle time for my daughter and for her future and for our relationship and for her character and basically, if it didn’t go the way it did, the stinkin’ enemy would have won and battles would be different for our/her future.

We are at a little (huge-antic) event in Portland called LEST. It’s a gathering of of about 20 Lutheran schools, from San Fran to Montana to Wahington to Las Vegas, 5th – 8th grades, competing in events from basketball to drama to spelling, swimming, knowledge bowl……It’s CRAZY!!! It’s like THE event for the Lutheran schools. My daughter has chosen her first year of this event, which has been happening for 50 years!!!, to compete in writing, cheer(duh), vocal ensemble, and swimming. It has all been going on swimmingly (pun intended) until the music didn’t play for their cheer competition routine….whatever…..and until the swim meet…

We entered swim with 1 year of training, ready to swim in the 100 freestyle relay, 50 freestyle, 25 fly and 100 backstroke relay.

She dives in for her relay teams first heat and they placed 2nd, I think….but it doesn’t matter…I waited to see her on the blocks for 50 freestyle and she wasn’t there. GASP!! The mom in me knew that very moment that we had a battle on our hands and I went to prayer and ACTION!!

Down to the pool I went, Jesus Jesus, Jesus….be there Jesus! I encountered my little bundle of joy wrapped in a towel, sitting behind her team, sad and oppressed. Darn Satan! I knew he was playing a game with my girl and I wasn’t gonna have it. I proceeded to talk with my dear child and as we walked this through and prayed it out and breathed deeply and implemented some tough love and deep encouragement….the enemy of fear crumpled. And about 15 minutes later the girl swam the 25 fly, to near victory and then led her relay team to the starting blocks! The girl overcame!

This had NOTHING to do with a stupid swim meet and everything to do about overcoming the spirit of fear and trepidation. It was about a mother and daughter building trust and relationship. It was about building character in a young woman that would take her through college, into her marriage and on to being a grandma that will make a difference! It was a moment that matters!

Granted there is some healthy pride I carry for my baby but more then anything there is honor and glory to the great God we serve, who is ready and available for a mama and her daughter in a moment such as this. A God who will work this moment together for good over the years ahead and a God whom I put my every trust and my every hope and my every bit of devotion. My God has not let me down yet and I don’t suspect He will anytime soon. He is dependable and faithful and He has my heart.

Thank you Jesus….’we are more then conquerors in Christ Jesus our Lord’. If you comment and tell us the verse that I just quoted, you’ll win a prize and together we will have preached a good sermon!

Goodnight! Cheer resumes at 8:30 a.m. ‘1, we are the Saints 2, a little bit louder, 3, we still can’t here you we are number 1…….

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  1. This is truly a moment in a day with a child. It could be any day and a multitude of situations, but your approach will me er fail. Nice job momma. God is good.

  2. Wowy, Zow!! That’s one of the best stories/testaments!!!
    Tracy, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
    What a blessing of a Mom you are to your children!
    What a blessing you are and will be forever to you husband-to-be!
    Tracy you are the BEST Yay! Yay! Tracy you are the BEST!

  3. Romans 8:37; 1 Corinthians 15:57, and yes we are and the victory over the grave and all that tries to keep us down and defeated is what we are more than conquerors over… Go Abby, we are watching you become a strong victorious woman of God right before our eyes. You’ve got a great model of a mother, humbled before the feet of Jesus, offering you up as a precious jewel that you are.

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