Dear future husband….

I’m taking a little break form the Romans 8:28 breakdown and make a little post to my future husband, so that this confession will forever be in print and he can’t say I didn’t warn him!

Dear fine man (aka. future husband),

When you are out of town working hard and the kids are gone for the night, things happen that you should be aware of.  I am only telling you this so that it won’t come as a surprise to you in the future when you come home from your work trips and find some evidence of my waywardness.

I have a small addiction that I will often satisfy when the family is away….it looks like this:


and is always paired with this:

photo (2)

and I usually spend all my time here:

photo (3)

I love my alone time and very much enjoy the quietness of this home but it doesn’t compare with the JOY that you bring to my life and the time we spend together with much of the same stuff in the pictures above…you fit me well.  Just don’t judge me because of the Cadbury eggs…I have some issues…

2 weeks until ‘Someday’ finally arrives.  I love you!


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