Raising my son to be a grandpa

The task of raising a teenager has a whole host of challenges.  Most of the challenges are related not as much to the teen but to the hangups of the parent. Most of what I see in my boy is a reflection of his parents and lots of it is related to inconsistency and poor habits and lack of structure and lazy parenting. 

So, now that I’ve painted the picture of poor parenting…..let me share with you the brilliant ‘ah ha’ moment I had last night.  I was thinking about the 13 year old boy and all the hopes and dreams I have for him.  I was thinking about how it feels like somehow I’ve failed him and he will be lost in these teenage years, never to emerge a man who can contribute to our society with any meaning…blah blah blah.  I asked my self what I expected of a boy who is drawn to video games like a sinner drawn to a savior.  What do I expect of a boy who prefers sitting rather then moving.  What do I expect of my boy?  What do I want for him? 

Ultimately I want the boy to be a good grandpa. 

So, I began the quest to create an environment that Grandpa would thrive in and I compeltely expect that a teen given the expectation to behave like a good grandpa, that somehow we’ll emerge from these years with raving success!  Here is the list of how to raise a son to be a grandpa:

1. Grandpa’s don’t play video games all day – limit playing for teen

2.  Grandpa’s pick up after themselves – expect teen to keep his things in order

3.  Grandpa’s eat anything – the teen should eat the food prepared for dinner

4.  Grandpa’s go on walks and enjoy the outdoors – put the teen outside

5.  Grandpa’s are polite and kind and gentle – don’t respond to a rude teenager

6.  Grandpa’s make great popcorn – encourage the teen to make snacks for the family

7.  Grandpa’s do things for others without thinking – teach the teen how to put others first

8.  Grandpa’s do projects around the house – make the teen your personal slave

9.  Grandpa’s like adventure – make the teen do things he doesn’t want to do

10.  Grandpa’s always have money – give the teen opportunity’s to make money and then have them put it in the bank

…this is really just the start of the list.  I’m sure it can go on and on but for today, this is where I start.  If I can impart the ‘Grandpa Lifestyle’ to my son….I am confident in his future!

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