So Much….

I had a ‘so much’ weekend.  Have you ever had one of those?  A time when there was ‘so much’ goodness that you soaked up every bit of it but were still concerned you may have missed a drop.  A ‘so much’ time that maybe your brain couldn’t really process it all at one time?  ‘So much’ so that when you are overwhelmed and then find a moment of silence, God himself slips in the door and you are paralyzed by His magnificence….

I drove home from Portland today and had 3.5 hours with this Chris McClarney CD playing this song over and over again (THANK YOU Bo Stern for the tip):

If you do take time to listen to this song you’ll believe Mr. McClarney possibly wrote the song for me.  More likely  is that we serve the same God and sometimes God just lets someone else turn your story into a song!

The weekend actually began for me on Thursday with a 5th grade field trip to the Oregon coast. My daughter and her classmates really enjoyed themselves during the quick 36 hour trip to Newport and back!  It was a great time with my girl but that drive is really a hard one when you go over one day and come back the next after sleeping on the floor of a church…. just saying.  Never the less, God opened my eyes to so much and began planting and developing some seeds of thought in my mind that I have yet to be able to put together for myself.  Someday I’ll have it all sorted out enough to share…God often times stirs up something in me and it renders me speechless for a time.

After coming home Friday, I ran up to Portland to meet my husband and attend a benefit dinner for Union Gospel Mission.  Donald Miller was the keynote speaker and I just sat in awe as he spun his story and shared his tale.  I’ll share more of this in the days to come.  It was just that good!

The ‘so much’ part of the weekend continued as I spent Sunday with my husbands parents while he was working.  We started the day off meeting with their bible study group and digging a bit into the life of David and sorting out the mysteries of God’s forgiveness, all of which I promise to write about soon because forgiveness is so big and deep and hard and wonderful all at the same time.  Its one of those truths of God that just grows in wisdom and understanding the more you live with it.

After bible study their neighbors who attended the bible study with us joined us for brunch at a lovely restaurant on the Clackamas River.  BEAUTIFUL.  Later I had many hours just to roam the shopping capital of Oregon and purchase some wants and enjoyed the fresh spring air of the valley.  I returned that evening to enjoy some more delightful conversation with my in-laws and awaited the arrival of my man.  We all dined together, went to the store to purchase ice cream together and chatted into the evening.  It was full of family life and love.  It was perfect.

It was just so much.

God was whispering and pointing and nudging me all weekend.  It felt like I was a kid visiting Disneyland for the very first time and God was pointing out every little fun detail so that I wouldn’t miss a thing.  I’m sure I can’t even begin to bare witness to the glory of it all here because it was just ‘so much’. 

And as I drove home and listened to the song and this album over and over….God began to knit together all the ‘so much’ moments and the tapestry began to show some semblance of order and for a moment I understood more about the workmanship of Christ then ever before.  It was a brief flash of brilliancy, a little brush up against God himself, a flash of understanding. And although now  that moment has slipped away, I long to retrieve it!  But I am content to rest in the ‘so much’ moments of the past couple days. Knowing God will show his face again, He will step close again and I will wait for him to come that close again.

So Much, So very much!

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