Roots that run deep

That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; and that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge , that you may be filled up to the fullness of God. ~Ephesians 3:17-19

I simply love this verse and it really warrants some time to contemplate and take apart piece by piece but today it came to my mind as I was thinking about being rooted deep in relationship.

I was born into a family with roots that run deep.  I just know my parents were hand picked for me.  I know this because it is clear that my kids were chosen just for me.  Its not until you have children that you understand that although children need their parents, the parents need the children just as much.  Needed to be challenged and groomed and molded by our Heavenly father.  I know my dad needed me and my great wisdom *wink wink* as much as I needed his.  In the same way I now my brother was sent to our family for a distinct purpose.  We still don’t know what that is yet……HA!  just kidding, God knew that He would use that boy to touch the lives of many and bring an important piece to our family.

I’m all caught up in the roots of a family because today our family gathers.  New and old and not just blood family but some that we forget aren’t even blood.  They are friends that God has sewn into the fabric of our family in order that it may be complete not lacking in anything.

I know that not everyone has family like I do.  Cousins that are brothers and sisters in my heart.  Friends that stick closer then a sister would.  Aunts that are my mothers and In-laws that know in their heart I was brought into their life for them to be my mother and father.  I’m blessed indeed and as I think about the treasure that I’ve been given I am simply astounded at the breadth and length and height and depth of the love of my God for me.  It is a love that surpasses all knowledge and understanding.

I can not comprehend, really, the goodness that has come through these people.  But I know one thing, it is because of God’s choosing them to be in my life for such a time as this, and such a time as the years that have gone by, that I stand strong as the woman I am today.  I know it is because of these people that I am who I am.  God used them to love me when I wasn’t loveable, to support me when life was crumbling, to play with me when I needed a friend and to pray for me when God put me on their minds.  They are the roots that keep me grounded. Roots that run deep.  Roots that God uses to nourish me and bring life.

Cheers to a day of family, I pray we celebrate the goodness that God has brought into our lives and never forget the roots that run deep.

People are watching

A few years ago I was told to ‘walk it out well’ because people are watching.  They want to see how a Christ follower walks out things like divorce and bankruptcy and singleness.  People are watching.  How is this Jesus you serve going to come through for you?  I completely understood what was being told to me.  I needed to walk gracefully through the quakes of life and bring Glory to God through it all.

Tonight, I saw a young man watching.  He stood next to me in worship and he watched.  He watched a young band on stage play their hearts out for Jesus.  He watched a man with ALS worship and I know he wondered how one can have such strength and determination when you are stricken with such a disease.  The boy watched 40 people make the choice to be baptized into the cleansing grace of Jesus Christ.  The boy watched his mom worship with reckless abandon.  He was watching.  My son watched and he thought and he confessed that even a tear came his way.  He lifted his hand and he had a moment. 

Yesterday, I wrote about the turning point.  The moment where God met your need and that is where you in turn get to reach others from.  But I also think that you and I have opportunities each day to impact others lives without even knowing it.  Just because you are being watched.

How are you walking the walk? and talking the talk? and living the life?  Who is watching you?  Because someone is.  You can bet on that.  You watch others right?  You wonder how can a family endure such loss and still come out the other side with hope.  You watch.  People are watching.

How will our lives be different today because we know someone is watching.  Someone is determining if the God you serve is real or not.  Someone is determining how to navigate their life based on your ability to overcome your situation.  They are depending on you to show them the way and to prove that we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus our Lord.

People ARE watching.

Turning Point

On Saturday I attended the Union Gospel Mission Annual Fundraising Banquet with my husband!  This ministry is dear to his heart and he’s given many years of service and love to this organization.

Donald Miller, New York Times bestselling author of Blue Like Jazz, was the featured speaker and I was thrilled to be apart of this wonderful evening.  Just like UGM, Mr. Miller is passionate about the neglected and abandoned.  He has given much time and work with underprivileged and underserved.  Recently, I enjoyed this BLOG of his.  At the banquet he talked about the difference between a victim and a wounded healer.  He encouraged us to laugh in the face of tragedy.  The nature of life is tragedy but the nature of God is hope.  God is in the business of redeeming our suffering.  Jesus came for the saving of MANY lives.

It was a good reminder to me about how important it is to serve and minister out of my own suffering.  To give away what God has given me.  God meets our need in a certain area of our life whether it be physical, spiritual, financial, psychological, or any other ‘al’, and what we are given we impart to others.  If once you were given a blanket, you shall give a blanket some day.  If once you were given freedom from abuse, you shall free others.  Perhaps you received grace for a debt and in turn you shall forgive another’s debt to you.  Delivered from addiction, then lead others to sober ground.

What is your turning point?  What is that one place where God met your need, healed your hurt, unhooked your hang-up?  That’s your turning point.  The thing that happened when you knew that God did a big thing.  Start there.  Give from that point.  Let the overflow fall onto others in the same place you were.  Allow the grace in your life to be  the turning point for another…and so it will go.  From one hope giver to the next.

Lives changed.