Random Wisdom by Tracy Paul

Tonight sleep evades me. And when I don’t sleep I write in my head and when I write in my head it nags at me until I write it down and I don’t write it down slumber doesn’t come.

So here I am with random thought of wisdom from a 40 year old insomniac….

1. Peace is worth fighting for, don’t give up, remain humble and calm and pray. Create and environment where peace can live. Be the atmosphere where peace can flourish. Peace exists. Peace passes all understanding.

2. It is said that marriage is hard work, it takes great commitment and gentle steps and love (the kind that is chosen) but marriage is not as hard as some make it out to be. Trust me I know! Marriage can be simple and real and lovely. You just have to choose right from the beginning.

3. Husbands, good husbands are hard to come by and I believe they are found by those women who have come to know themselves well. Women who are brave enough to be who God created them to be and women who have taken the time to become a woman. If you have no idea what I just said you are not there yet. Keep searching for WHO you are to be and then find a husband. When you do you’ll be amazed at the one you uncover.

4. Children are a challenge not to be controlled but to be led. When you take parenting seriously, you have a seriously challenging lifetime ahead of you. I’m daring to take this mothering thing to a whole new level and am finding great joy in discovering new ways to lead and empower little people to be big life changers.

5. When you sit in the dark with only the light of the computer screen you are blinded to everything else around you and to be honest it’s a little unnerving.

6. One of the most amazing things we get to witness on this earth is the power of forgiveness. One boy forgives and a relationship is restored. New life is born and hope prospers.

7. Parents are more precious then gold, they are priceless and when you have a good set of parents in your life it is like fresh coastal air, refreshing your soul and lifting up your spirit. Good parents are hard to come by now days but mine are golden and have given me riches beyond measure.

8. Lists of 10 are over rated and over used. So I’ll stop at 9.

9. Prayer solves everything. Grace changes everything. God is my everything. Let Him be yours.


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  1. Tracy – #2 and #3 resonated with me. I recently shared my journey with a dear sister on how I landed such a great husband and it was because of your step #3. Thank you for articulating it so well! Love you!

  2. # 3 … I believe im getting closer and closer every day to understanding what you mean. Not there yet. But i am being refined … 🙂

    1. Natalie, You are close, I can feel it!! Keep uncovering who God created in you and let Him lead you. God has a good guy picked out for you just don’t loose patience or rush the process or settle or compromise anything:)

  3. Hey Tracy – I’m sorry you’re not sleeping, but I thank you for giving me something to ponder while I’m not sleeping 🙂 Lots of good thoughts there. I will protest #8 because stopping at nine is so… incomplete, and this OTs brain only counts in reps of 10. I would add a #10 for you to round it out, but I don’t have anything brilliant to say before coffee.

    1. Oh Holly, I actually thought to myself how disturbing it would be for my dear friend Holly if I stopped at 9!!!! That was just for you, you are welcome for being sandpaper in your life:)

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