Glorious Day!

Jesus is coming, living he loved me, dying he saved me, rising He justifies, freely forever….one day He is coming, oh glorious day!

He wanted to feel the boom so we jumped into the truck and knowing exactly where he wanted to be we were there like a flash of light.  On to the grassy incline, just an arms reach from the butte.  The blanket was laid out and the 4 of us cuddled up and waited…


*smile* Just what he wanted.  Then I listened more closely and my beloved was playing this song and just at that moment the spirit spoke to me.  Jesus is coming and if we think the fireworks and the boom is impressive, wait until the trumpet sounds.  One day the skies with HIS glory will shine!  You will feel the boom and forever we’ll live in His Glory, OH Glorious Day!

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