A Dream and A Plan

*discalimer: I worked on a post for about 2-3 days all about our summer and it just continued to be a big disaster.  Not our summer but the post, the pictures were skewed and not posting correctly, the words were being jumbled all over the page, so I trashed it!  Maybe you weren’t supposed to... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday!!!!

Its my birthday I’ll cry if I want to cry if I want to…. Its your birthday, nananana nana na, Its my birthday too… Happy birthday too you! Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday dear Brek and Tracy, Happy Birthday to you! Is it proper to post a blog wishing yourself happy birthday?  You bet... Continue Reading →

Blogging to Friends

I love that Webster updates his dictionary to meet the new language of our day: Blog: online diary on Web site; a frequently updated personal journal chronicling links at a Web site, intended for public viewing I do enjoy reading blogs and writing blogs.  I actually really love reading in general.  Currently, as you know,... Continue Reading →

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