Withdrawing my hand

March 2008 I started this public journal and at that time I shared with you the writing from a journal in 1992!!! 20 years ago God gave me these words:

Father God, Molder of all
Your skillful hands work diligently
Creating my path, shaping my life
Making what you intended for me

At times I take charge of my own
My thoughts grab hold, breaking your way
I struggle in search of mindful desires
longing for direction, not leading astray

Looking to You in prayerful sighs
Remembering You work in Your good time
By faith with hope I see Your call
Withdrawing my hand, for Your precious design

Lord magnificent, Sculptor of life
Mold my heart, my soul, my mind
Take charge, be bold, and magnify
Create a masterpiece of no other kind

The last stanza is written beautifully in a frame next to our front door. But today I’m thinking about the sentence above that. “withdrawing my hand, for Your precious design”. Do you ever get your hands into other people’s business? Do you ever get your stuff entangled with God’s design?

I know I do. I’ve learned how to mostly keep that battle of lordship between God’s design and my design in my head but I used to shove all my stuff into God’s stuff and that never worked out well for me. It is when we withdraw our hand and defer to God that the magic happens, that the hope blossoms and that true abundant life occurs.

withdrawing my hand and daily submitting,

P.S. if its in God precious design to take me to the tropics in the near future I’ll gladly go…hint hint Jesus

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Tracy. I really like how what God spoke to your heart, your prayer is so timeless… and something I can take within my own hearts cry.

  2. Holy Spirit helps me see with His Clarity, otherwise my interference disrupts and disturbs what could be. thank you for such reminders.

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