Just because you wear gym clothes…

…doesn’t mean you worked out.

I know this to be a fact because I wore gym clothes all day yesteray and didn’t do one bit of exercise!  You want more ‘Just because’s”?

Just because you pay for a gym doesn’t mean you’ll automatically loose weight.  Just because you don’t see grey hair doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any.  Just because he said he cleaned his room, doesn’t mean its clean.  Just because the house is clean, doesn’t mean the closet isn’t a mess.  Just because she’s on a diet, doesn’t mean she didn’t eat the cookies.  Just because you are sober, doesn’t mean you are not an alcoholic.  Just because you have a bible on your coffee table doesn’t mean you read it.

Just because you believe in God, doesn’t mean you are saved.  Even Satan believes in God.  Just because you’re a disciple of Jesus, doesn’t mean you won’t deny him.  Peter did.  Just because you’ve never been married doesn’t mean you haven’t had many husbands.  The harlot did.  Just because you can’t speak to the multitudes doesn’t mean you can’t lead them out of slavery.  Moses did.  Just because you are little doesn’t mean you can’t slay a giant.  David did.  Just because your family disowns you, doesn’t mean you can’t be the key to their livelihood.  Joseph was.

Things aren’t always as they seem.  Things don’t always turn out as they should.  Just because….doesn’t always end in an absolute.  Usually you have to push the domino in order for it to fall but sometimes it just falls itself.

The ‘Just Because’s’ of life are they an Amen? or oh No?  You choose, its all how you perceive it.  remember: Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has no yet been made known. 1 John 3:2t



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