No Words for a Title

I picked up the glass of water this morning and drank of it.

I watched myself drink, the refreshing coolness, the movement of my throat as the water washed down, then I looked into my eyes and saw the tear drop slowly from the corner.

I wonder how her family feels?

It could have been me.

I continued to drink the water and watch myself.  It was so easy, something I do everyday, pick up the glass and drink.  My friend with ALS struggles with such things, you know.  I wonder how it feels to see your life change so drastically and have no control over it.

It could have been me.  It could have been any of us.

My grandfather has long since left this world for the next.  He stands in the presence of the almighty every day and every night.  His worship never ends, he is whole and complete and full.  Now.  He spent most of his life without the use of his entire right side of his body.  He overcame, as is Steve Stern, my friend with ALS.  But he lived with a thorn in his side, he had to choose to overcome.

I drank again and another tear came.

I though of Nick Vijicic, the man born without arms or legs.  He overcame and overcomes everyday.  Because he chose too.  We don’t have to let these struggles overcome us.  God can help.  We can trust.  God will overcome.

I cried.

I didn’t know her, this Jen Burgess Thompson.  But I knew her story. I had heard about her, I had seen pictures.  I had heard about fundraisers.  I know she has 2 young boys and that she battled ovarian cancer.  She got to see Jesus face to face today.

I don’t know if I cried because of the thought of the victory she is experiencing at this very minute with her creator, or if its because the brevity of life is so staggering.

It could have been me.  It could have been you.

Have you hugged your kids enough?  Have you spent time with the people you love?  Are you making the little things count?

Lighten up, let go, live life.

Don’t waste it.

You don’t know how much time you have.

Live it on purpose.

I love you.

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