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The Murder of Jesus

That’s what he called it this weekend. Our pastor did a brilliant job of teaching Mark 15 ‘The Murder of Jesus’, otherwise known as the crucifixion of Christ.  I don’t know if you’ve heard the excruciating details of what crucifixion entails but it is gruesome and horrible and the most retched of all deaths.  While this was a very intriguing part of the message he shared, most poignant was this thought:

When we question God, what He does or doesn’t do, it is like putting him on trial all over again.

How many times have you ‘questioned’ God?  I’m not talking about asking God questions but about QUESTIONING Him.  Why God?  Why Me?  Why didn’t you heal her?  Why did you let that happen?  Why didn’t I get the job?  Why did he get that illness?

FAITH in Jesus as your savior means trusting in God’s plan!  ALL OF HIS PLAN!

He is a good King.  God exercises authority for the good of his subjects and that took His son to the cross.  He cared enough to purchase your salvation for you.  You better believe that Jesus could have come of that cross at any moment.  He could have saved himself but instead he chose to save you!

I’m a woman of BIG faith.  I believe big things and I have made God King of my life and trust Him with all things.  But when thinking about my part in putting Jesus back on trial when I question God’s sovereignty, I questioned my own faith.  Or rather the depth of my faith.  Is it a faith of moving mountains?  Can I trust God with the ultimate outcome?

I’d like to think so but this means I have to trust God with the answers to the BIG questions of life, like….why did he get that disease?  Why did God leave those little boys with out a mom?  Why didn’t it work out the way it seems it should?

I have to know that My God has the BETTER plan.  If my little human plans are so good and full of goodness, how much better can the plans of my Father in heaven be?

How much better?


Trust Him!

….with it all.

….even when it doesn’t  make sense.


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