Uncommonly Beautiful

I saw this video today and it made me think of you. I too am wildly convinced that you are uncommonly beautiful!

This video came from Karen Walrond’s site…www.chookooloonks.com.  I actually don’t know anything about her except I like her thoughts here.  If you don’t want to take the time to watch the video or wish you had a list of these 10 ways to ensure everyone knows you are beautiful:

  1. remember there are differences by no flaws
  2. there is only one fashion rule; if it makes you feel awesome, wear it
  3. be willing to be vulnerable, so you can also fully experience joy
  4. control your own perspective: perspective is everything
  5. another word for sexy? confident
  6. breathe. deeply and everyday
  7. express yourself. often, kindly and without apology
  8. the adventure is the attempt, embrace possibility
  9. to remain youthful never stop looking for the wonderful
  10. and finally: create your own story never let others create it for you



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