Have I told you lately…..

….how much I Love him?

My dear husband has turned out to be more then I could even hope or imagine.  Now, I know we are still newlyweds and thus you could conclude that we haven’t really had the test of time to validate the greatness of what we have.  I’ll give you a little there, but being a newlywed with a pre-teen and a teenager in the home has to account for something!  I don’t write this to brag about the wonderfulness of my husband but today I want to write to all those lovely’s that are hoping to find their own Mr. Wonderful someday.

I’ve learned a lot from the choice I made at 24 years of age and the subsequent years of not so goodness.  I learned that broken people attract broken people.  I learned that Mr. Good-Enough will never be Mr. Wonderful.  I learned that you can’t compromise on core values and that although compromise is ‘part’ of marriage it shouldn’t be a part of the foundation of your marriage.  If you compromise who you are or what you were made to be in order to be with someone, it will always fail.

Over the next couple of days I’m going to give you 5 steps to uncover if the man you are dating, or the one you might date, is the man you should marry.  I don’t know if it’s a fool proof plan or not but I know it’s what I did and it’s what worked for me over the last 2 years.  I think I’m writing to ALL women, with or without children.  I’m fairly confident that these 5 steps will direct you in your search for Mr. Wonderful no matter what age or stage of life but, I KNOW 100%  that I’m writing to women who have children.  Single moms are just in a different category.  They have little people that depend on them and that have probably been hurt and that most definitely have to come first.  So, you have to do some things different but honestly I think that if you are really serious about this finding a husband thing.  Follow my lead.  Start with #1

 1) Spend a minimum of one year with a therapist, life coach, counselor. 

  • Deal with your baggage.  I don’t care how old you are, you have stuff you need to sort out and maturing you need to do.  I say one year but I spent 6 years with my wonderful counselor.  She started out as my ‘crisis counselor’, worked her way into being my therapist, counseled me a bit and then coached me in life.  When she began telling me more about her life then I was sharing about mine, she kicked me out and said I was done. I knew I was as whole as I could possibly be.  My hurts were healed, my hang- ups were un-hung-up and my life habits were healthy.

Yep that’s where it all begins…with you!  Get healthy and strong and confident.  Do it for your future husband, do it for your children, do it for your friends, do it to find the YOU God created you to be.   Once you’ve done that you are ready for #2.

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