Gift, Reward, Arrow

Interesting, isn’t it.

How as a parent you go on vacation without your children and spend lots of time thinking about them and praying for them?

Behold children are a heritage from The Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of ones youth.
Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.
psalm 127:3-5

Children belong to The Lord. He graciously assigns to or shares them with the parents. These precious ones are a gift from God, chosen specifically for the parents they reside with or are given to.

What shall we do with the gifts God has given us? How honored that God would choose you specifically as the one to Love these children. He has given you a most precious and valuable gift by entrusting you with your children.

Children are a reward.

I know children are rewarding….and watching them grow and mature is very rewarding. Seeing them come into themselves is rewarding but have you thought of their very presence in your life as a reward from God to you? They are the tangible proof of God’s appreciation, the choice reward for you.

Children are arrows.


Arrows must be directed to a target. They just don’t jump out of a quiver and hit the bullseye, you must aim and send the arrow in the way it should go. A child, like an arrow, is incapable of directing themselves. The most important way to direct your arrows is to fear The Lord and walk in His ways.

Gift, reward, arrow…children.

I see a little more clearly, I understand a bit differently. I too am an arrow…not just of my parents but of my Heavenly Father. He has directed my path and sent me toward a target.

Raise up a child in the way they should go and they will not depart from it.

Clear direction, renewed purpose, ready, aim….

Waiting on the Son

You spend a lot of time waiting on the sun in Kauai in the winter.


We rented some bikes yesterday and road a couple miles down to this beach:


We were thrilled to have found a log to hide behind as we lounged on the beach because the winds have been pretty strong. We sat and waited for sun breaks, then we would quickly lay down and soak up the sun! Sit up again and watch people, assess the cloud coverage and then lay down and soak some more. After this hide and seek game it was time to return our bikes.

We snacked on some fruit and made our way to the shaded pool. More waiting on the sun almost 2 hours went buy as we watched the clouds move and tried to predict the sun breaking through. It was worth the wait because as soon as those rays graced my face I felt like I had arrived at the most blissful place on the planet. Ahhhh the sun!

As I was waiting and watching the clouds, I remembered what my son had told me the other day. He told me that sometimes when he hears a horn, he looks into the sky expecting Jesus to be coming.

I wondered to myself why I don’t wait so expectantly for the Son to return? I mean I spent the day yesterday waiting and wanting that sun to peak through, if even just for a few moments. How different my day would be if I expectantly awaited the Son of God to appear through those clouds. How would my daily activities seem less relevant to life if I spent time listening for that trumpet to sound?

I just love what Jesus does in my heart when I sit below the palms blowing in the wind. I think I’ll sit here a bit longer and wait on Jesus.


Integrity of the tongue

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Integrity of the tongue
The quality of using your tongue and speech to be honest and words reflecting moral principles and uprightness.

When I go on vacation I take lots of time to think. I love sitting outside in the warm morning breeze and a cup of strong Kona coffee, listening to the birds and looking at the chickens. Taking time to listen to the still small voice of my Lord and contemplating the deep things of His word.

Today Psalm 15

Lord who can dwell in your tent? I want to….
He who walks with integrity and does what is righteous, who speaks the truth from his heart and has no slander on his tongue…..

That is just the beginning of the list David shares. The clear direction of who can dwell in Gods tent.

I’ve been speaking with a friend lately about the power of words and the slanderous tongue. I have been guilty of loose lips and it is an easy quality to see in others. Our world spends so much time on and so many words in slander. I heard The Lord give me the nudge to shore up this area of my life that I may reflect His righteousness and that only truth and words of life pass through my lips. Let it be.

It starts with your heart. Only speak truth in your heart. In your attitudes, reactions, plans and motives. Fill your heart with Gods word. Let it be THE filter of your tongue.

When it comes to passing on information to others, let it pass these gates:
1. Is it confidential? If so don’t share it.
2. Is it true?
3. Is it necessary?
4. Is it kind? Does it serve a wholesome purpose?

If my words do not pass these tests, they are to be held between The Lord and myself. For cleansing, correction and healing. For prayer and discernment. For protection against the waywardness of my fallen self, that God may be be glorified and that my tongue would only show the overflow of His righteousness in my life.

Holding our tongues to be tools of integrity and not swords to wound.

I think it just got a whole lot quieter in my life, how about yours?