Beauty Secrets: Be Winsome

winsome: generally pleasing and engaging; cheerful, lighthearted, charming.ugly

synonyms: bright, cheery, chipper, sunny, pleasant, fetching, sweet, lovely, winning, endearing.

A woman of beauty is winsome.

I was looking into people in the bible that are winsome and I’m supposing we could find some but I stopped seeking because I stumbled upon two people whom you are probably familiar with and would not put into the winsome category, but they were winsome. I think it is because of their winsomeness that they changed the people around them and the generations to follow.

Martin Luther, the Reformer. Many of you might think of him as the stern, steel faced German with his focus and mission to correct the wrong and reform the religious. But several of the biographers I’ve read speak of his unguarded transparent sincerity. His plain and pleasant honesty. His playful humor. The Reformer wasn’t afraid to laugh. I wonder if his winsome character is what attracted the oppressed, brow beaten people of his day.

How about Charles H. Spurgeon? I always though of him as a serious, sober character. Nope, apparently he was A character. Many of his fellow clergymen didn’t like his habit of introducing humor into his sermons. Spurgeon once said in response, “If only you knew how much I hold back, you would commend me….This preacher thinks it less a crime to cause a momentary laughter than a half-hour of profound slumber.”

A woman who is dreary, prim, slovenly or immodest surely can’t represent the gospel in a way that others would be attracted to. As a matter of fact those characteristics aren’t attractive at all.

Winsomeness. The ability to cause joy and genuine pleasure in the thick of it all. Winsomeness motivates. It simplifies. It encourages, without ignoring the wrong. Winsome women focus on the benefits, the hopes, the answers. Even when we must deal with disappointment or inescapable negatives, winsomeness stands tall and refuses to fall under the pressure.

I’m not talking about the rose colored glasses kind of life, where everything is good and wonderful. I’m talking about the winsome character that allows the not so wonderful, some hope. The down and out, a lift up. The dry soul, some water and the oppressed life, a smile.

It’s a beautiful trait to have and it brings Glory to the one and only God who desires light to infiltrate the world. Here is how you cultivate winsomeness in your world.

  1. Start your day with pleasant words. Your family will love you for this. Be pleasant, cheerful(but not too cheerful for those non-morning people), whisper words of thankfulness to God as you start your day. Quietly remind yourself that God loves you and whisper it in the ears of those around you.
  2. Smile more often. I know I’m totally caught up in this smile thing. Beauty Secret #1, was all about smiling. A smile reaches out to people, it radiates encouragement. It is a key to being winsome.
  3. Appreciate and encourage. Spot strengths in others and don’t camp on their weaknesses. Be interested in others and not so occupied with yourself. Fill up hearts, don’t bleed them dry. Love those with whom you come in contact.

A Joyful heart makes a cheerful face, but when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken…All the days of the afflicted are bad, but a cheerful heart has a continual feast.(Prov 15:13, 15)

A continual feast, very pertinent to the Thanksgiving Feast that is fast approaching. What will your table reflect this season? How beautiful will you be? Make every moment count. Be aware of your countenance. Choose the words that come out of your mouth. Bring joy to the table and dress yourself winsomely. You are beautiful!

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