Not just a mom

20 Years ago I was a senior at Oregon State University


I started as a Math/Science major, bent on Actuarial  Science and believing that I was called to work with numbers for my whole life.  My social life quickly swept me off that path and the desires of my heart quickly changed.  I no longer found any interest in long math classes and painful science labs….not to mention early morning classes!  I needed to find a way to get good grades(I was doing a little bit better then failing) in order to stay in school and so I began to search my soul.  What was I interested in?

This week I was reminded of the importance of doing something your interested in.  I’ve been working hard the last couple of years, using the skills of the major I chose.  My career has nothing to do with the field I graduated in and for the longest time I wondered if I should have even spent the money to go to college anyway.  I wasn’t even using the knowledge I gathered.  But alas It all makes sense now.

Granted, there is more you learn from college then just the classes you take and the intrinsic value of the experience is what I came away with, its where I grew up.  Its where I really choose Jesus to be Lord and Author of my life.  Its where I found that when you are interested in something you apply yourself more.  Its where I received the keys that I found this week to help a young person in their life.

I changed my major to Human Development and Family Studies.  Why?  because I liked kids and people interested me.  I thought perhaps I could go on to teaching but it turns out I wasn’t wired that way.  I chose this major because in interested me.  Every class I took about the human developing, from a small embryo to the dying soul, caught my interest and I loved it.  Education became interesting and applying myself became a joy.

Why do I share this all with you? Because I just realized that all those years of study 20 years ago is my saving grace today.  It is the gift that I have to give and I’m able to use it now!  I suppose one could argue that I’ve used it on and off for my entire life, with my strong desire to research ‘people things’ and sit in airports observing people, but as of late, the knowledge I have is being used with purpose to help a young person who desperately needs direction.  Who needs understanding and a coach to help them along the way.

I’m not just a mom.  I’m a life coach.

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