Sometimes the ordinary turns out to be extraordinary and sometime in the routines you are pleasantly surprised by the small things that aren’t so ordinary.

Thanksgiving days 1 & 2 of our week of giving thanks were full of pleasantries….

On Saturday afternoon I had some personal errands to run in the big city…and by personal I mean all about me, important stuff like hair appointments and diamond ring cleanings! My husband drove me around to each place and waited in the car or the lobby, waiting ever so patiently. I spent the evening when we were home at his parents, whispering thanks of gratitude to him. You see, MY past led me to expect irritation and frustration from him due to the afternoons escapades, but the opposite is sewn into my husbands DNA, I received a joyful giver, a patient man, a guilt free afternoon. He did it because he loves me and enjoyed knowing I was taking care of things that made me feel good and special. He loves me and yet because of my past hurts, it was….

We gathered as a family for a delectable turkey dinner. Nine eaters at the table (12 if you include the furry guests under our feet) filled with food and good cheer! After our meal mama Paul brought down a box of ornaments and asked her daughters (in-law) to pick through and take what we want. We cheerfully looked and laughed and oohed and awed. The boys dug in too and before you knew it our boxes were filled with the UNEXPECTED.

And then we helped decorate the Christmas Carrot, you see a tree no longer graces the halls of the Paul home, the simple Christmas Carrot is what they use and it is beautiful.

20121119-075943.jpg UNEXPECTED!

When I saw the turkey meat falling of the bone, as it was removed from the smoker I mentioned that the carcass could not be thrown away, turkey soup had to be made!!! After a long day of cooking mama Paul wasn’t to sure that she was up for that but dear ol’ Dad was eager to make my dreams of beautiful broth come true. He pulled apart the left offers and shoved them in a pot, I cut up some veggies and tossed them in as well. We filled it with water and let it simmer away. before going to bed Grandpa and I strained the broth and separated the slop and bagged the medicinal soup for the months to come. UNEXPECTED!

Moments like these are what memories are made of, they are what relationships are built on and where the Spirit of God dwells. In the UnEXPECTED moments.

Thankful and filled…what will be next in our week of thankfulness? I wait expecting the unexpected!

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  1. Yea!!! Glad you made soup 🙂 I can hardly wait to make ours in a few days. I opened our last bag a couple of days ago to help feed dad’s cold.

    1. I love having bags of the broth handy….I told Jerry, I was anticipating enjoying a bowl all wrapped up on the couch this winter…perhaps with snow floating down from the sky’s!

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