Still Thankful?

You bet I am!

Oh the joys of the hours gone by….

Yesterdays meal was simply fabulous, thank you MOM!  The Dip was LATE but divine, thank you BRO.  The unconditional love filled the room.  The gentle reminder to update my Will, thank you DAD for keeping it real!  Joy of family filled my heart, thank you children. So calm, so peaceful, so funny, so thankful.

and now….

The gift of time with my beloved in Kauai, thank you honey!

We were married 8 months ago!!! After our wedding we snuck away for a day and then back to our condo we went, to honeymoon with our family and begin our lives together with our 2 kids.  Today we pack for a week away, just the two of us.  Back to the ocean, back to the islands where our marriage began, back to sun and warm beaches.

I am thankful for my parents who will give up their week to love and direct my kids while we are away. I am thankful for my kids who understand our need to ‘vacate’ and for kids that love our family.

Still thankful after all these months for the gift God gave.  Still amazed that such a man exists.  Still entirely convinced that God works all things together for His good.

A hui hou, hoaaloha  (until we meet again, friends)



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